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The Collected Home

At Audrey Would! we celebrate the collected home, a home that evolves one piece at a time. We believe every piece has a story, and we know stories are the heart of home. Find out how we thrift the look found on glossy magazine pages, and why vintage is what makes our rooms tick.

Our Design and Lifestyle Blog

Stop by our blog where you will find home decor features, and fun foodie recipes to share with your family and friends.

We pair our vintage tableware and cocktail pieces with easy-to-make recipes for entertaining all year long. And when we say entertaining, that’s really code for more than just one! We are fans of casual dining, dressed up or dressed down, and we like finishing touches that lean to the classic edge.

You will see thrifted pieces and vintage collectibles showcased with delicious recipes along with seasonal styling tips and tricks. Find DIY makeovers, decorating ideas, and mini challenges on how you too, can thrift the look.

We have a special bond with our vintage pieces and the life they’ve led. After all, some have had quite the past! Because we work hard to learn more about them, you will find the occasional back story to some of our favourite vintage finds along with tidbits about their iconic designers. We love to share that information with you because the journey of a vintage piece is often so much more than simply where it has come from.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

We are fans of DIY projects for building the collected home, and share simple tips and tricks so you too, can undertake DIY projects of your own. We have been known to pick up the odd curb-side find, we shop for thrifted relics, and yes, we brake for garage sale gems. With a dose of creativity and a little TLC, cast-away treasures are given a new life. Find our DIY projects and tutorials on the blog. See our ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots for inspiration, and then work your own DIY magic on thrifted, vintage or other has-beens that need another chance in the spotlight!

Our Vintage Etsy Boutique

Audrey Would! Vintage Home offers the best of vintage sparkle in barware, stemware, tableware, and small home decor pieces. The heart of our collection spans the 1930s to the 1960s with timeless collectibles on either side.

We love sleek Mid-Century Modern classics along with the sparkle of Old Hollywood glam. You will find our collection jam-packed with silver and crystal, hand blown colourful art glass, and stainless/chrome Glo-Hill pieces that make our Etsy boutique shine!

We are not snobs to just sparkle alone though! We love a beautiful patina that’s burnished and tarnished with age, and we are also huge fans of rusty, weathered, and worn. You won’t find rusty pieces in our boutique, but if you love vintage woodenware as much as we do, you will find Baribocraft and Danish Modern woodenware in the mix.

We understand lifestyle and we know the details matter. Embrace what you love. Feed your story and honour your authentic self as you journey through life!

Lifestyle With Vintage Decor, A Thrifty Touch and A Foodie Twist

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Audrey Would Vintage Home sells barware, tableware and decor.