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A Bounty of Fresh Figs. What Would You Do?

August 13, 2018
A bounty of fresh figs. What would you do with this dilemma?

Fig tree full of figs.

Year before last we got my dad to trim back the fig tree. It was getting all spindly on top, so not very pretty to look at and the branches were growing way beyond our reach. It was a great producer of figs before the trimming and reshaping, but then last year, not so much. Oops, did we cut things back a little too much?

Cutting fig tree back for fall.

Fast forward to this year, and not only did our feisty Calimyrna fig tree bounce back, but it kicked into fig production overtime. The tree was loaded and drooping with big, pear-sized juicy figs. Way more than we could handle…or the birds…or the racoons!

Fresh Calimyrna Figs

So we picked and we shared with our fig loving friends.

Green Skinned Figs

I enjoyed fresh figs every morning for breakfast, and decided to throw it out there on Facebook – what do y’all do with a bounty of fresh figs? Thank you to everyone who weighed in and gave us so many great ideas. Here’s what some of you wrote:

  • Jam
  • Eat them fresh
  • Too creepy to eat (Whaaaat??)
  • Dehydrate them, vac seal and keep in a cool place, and they’ll last all winter
  • Some nice looking fig recipes here. Enjoy! Bon Appétit
  • Blanche 8-10 minutes, and sun dry
  • BBQ fresh ones
  • Bake a few cut in half with goat cheese and walnuts
  • Make fig compote
  • Fig Chutney, Fig/Balsamic Reduction
  • Cut figs in half, wrap with prosciutto,brush with a bit of oil, then bbq (no smoke), grill or roast until prosciutto edges are a little crisp. Serve with charcuterie
  • Fresh figs with fresh burrata cheese, focaccia and prosciutto

Whew! As you can see, from one FB post, the possibilities are endless. So we decided to try at least a few.

I mentioned earlier, we ate them fresh. Did you know you can eat the skins of fresh figs? I don’t mind the skin at all, but I prefer to cut the fig and just eat the fruit inside. No reason. That’s just me.

Fresh ripe figs cut in half.

We enjoyed grilled figs with herb crusted BBQ pork loin one night, fresh local greens and salmon another. If you’re grilling the figs on the BBQ like we did, it’s sometimes easier to pick ones that are slightly firmer to the touch.

Grilled Calimyrna Figs

But where we really embraced the feedback we got from all of you was in taking the leap to try our hand at fresh fig jam. I looked up a bunch of different recipes, and honestly, they all sounded so crazy delish, it was hard to pick. Since my Mr. is into crafting up cocktails, and Audrey Would! has a hand in that whole scene, we decided on a brandy infused fig jam from Bon Appétit.

We made a few little changes that gave it our own twist, and if you’re into easy prep tasty treats like baked Brie with a dollop of jam, jelly or chutney, this is one recipe you need!

Quarter Pint Jar Homemade Fig Jam

I have posted the Brandy Infused Fig Jam recipe separately, and it’s in a format that makes it easy for you to print!

What have you done with your fresh figs? Please feel free to share!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Photographs © Audrey Would! Vintage Home

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