Mauro Manetti: Contemporary Italian Artist March 23 2016, 3 Comments

Mauro Manetti is a contemporary Italian artist with a style that leaves a deliberate sense of incompleteness. His approach is not to offer conceptual art, but rather allow you to imagine the rest...

When we came across this ice bucket shaped like a cabbage there was an instant sense of wonder. 

Mauro Manetti Cabbage Ice Bucket_Audrey Would Vintage Home

Wonder, what was this unusual piece all about? What was it meant for? There was something about it that caught our attention and held it. Why yes, there were a few who wondered about us, too! They couldn't see what we saw. It was only when we dared lift the cabbage lid that it became clear.

Mauro Manetti Cabbage Ice Bucket_Firenze Collection - Audrey Would Vintage Home

From the outside a true sculpture of cast and silvered aluminum formed into a beautiful shape. One that speaks to the soul, at least it spoke to us. On the inside, a plastic liner representing the scientific art of marrying form and function. Yes, this piece was designed as an ice bucket/wine chiller snuggly tucked inside a beautiful work of art!

Mauro Manetti Cabbage Ice Bucket Wine Chiller - Audrey Would Vintage Home

And a heavy artistic piece at that, weighing in at just under 6 pounds! Who would've thought?

Mauro Manetti takes his creative vision to another place. He challenges us to see beyond what's in front of us from both a spiritual and a scientific place. When often the two are in contradiction to one another, Manetti forces a more thoughtful approach. He believes the two can work together rather than being exclusive, and through pieces like this and others in the Firenze collection we see it.


If you look closely you will see the maker's mark of authenticity, MM for Mauro Manetti and FIRENZE for the collection.

This ice bucket is one of the more limited of Manetti's and was only manufactured for a short period of time, between 1965 and 1970. As mentioned earlier, it weighs nearly 6 pounds and stands 9" high. The actual bucket itself is 4.5" deep and the perfect diameter to keep a bottle of Prosecco chilled!

Mauro Manetti Cabbage Ice Bucket - Audrey Would Vintage

Wouldn't you agree, this vintage cabbage ice bucket is a dramatic barware piece? And don't you find your imagination is instantly engaged when you see the Prosecco rising up from the cast cabbage center? Where does your mind go? What do you see?

If you are looking for an investment piece, this Baroque Revival ice bucket is a great option. It is a collectible Mauro Manetti with the perfect Hollywood glam touch! Find it at Audrey Would! Vintage Home.

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