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At Audrey Would! we work hard behind the scenes to curate our collection, always hoping to find a few missing pieces for you... and we are thrilled when we know our mission has been accomplished!

We recently helped a customer add this set to his private Glen Echo barware collection by Federal Glass Company

Glen Echo Leaf and Circle Whiskey Glasses, Audrey Would Vintage Home

We were so pleased to learn a little of the back story, and of course, that we were able to help. We thought you might enjoy the share.
I am very interested in these glasses. I am wondering if these are actually low ball whiskey glasses and not shot glasses. From the pictures it is hard for me to tell. I am just wanting to confirm before I place the order.
Thanks for your time.
AW: These glasses are low ball whiskey glasses - they hold 6 oz, or 3/4 cup, and that's to the top of the border in the pattern...
Thank you for double checking!
Thanks for the quick response.
I just purchased them and am looking forward to receiving them. I especially am glad to find out they are Glen Echo designs. I have been purchasing similar glasses and never knew the pattern. My dad had a partial set that I inherited and have been expanding on. This purchase fills a large gap in my collection. I have shot glasses, now more low ball glasses, High ball glasses and Tom Collins glasses. If you run across any different styles with this pattern please shoot me a message.
Thanks again.
AW: I will bundle them up and have them shipped to you today. Once they're shipped I'll follow up with a tracking # for you.
Thank you so much for your order!

Glen Echo Leaf and Circle Design, Lowball Whiskey Glass, Audrey Would Vintage Home

These glasses, made by Federal Glass Company, were part of their Glen Echo line. They are pattern/item S-184 for the whiskey glass size, and the shot glasses mentioned by our customer are S-181. Federal Glass sold a variety of patterns in different glass styles as part of their very popular boxed Rumpus Sets.

This is one of the older box styles for the Rumpus Sets with each glass option featured on the lid. The actual pattern line and glass style was then stamped on the edge of the box.

Audrey Would Vintage Home, Federal Glass Boxed Rumpus Set

By the way, did you know that in Mid-Century North America and Australia a rumpus room, also known as a rec room, was the party room in the house? In the UK this room was more commonly referred to as a games room. Whatever the name, this room was often located in the basement and was designated for casual use by the family to play games, throw parties and basically to have fun! How fitting that these bar glasses were sold as a rumpus set!

We are thrilled to have played a role in helping our customer fill in the whiskey glass gap in his Glen Echo collection, and that we helped him to identify the name of these special pieces. At Audrey Would! it's that easy!

What are you missing from your vintage barware collection? We are happy to try and help you sort it out. Contact Us!

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