Customizing Your Audrey Would! Vintage Purchase September 12 2016, 1 Comment

Special request sourcing is something we are very happy to do! It may take a little time to find your sought after treasure, but we sure will hunt around and do our best to track that piece down for you. 

While you are here, and thank you for taking the time to stop in, we are excited to share our latest special request with you. Only this time it was not about finding a vintage treasure.

Not too long ago we picked up this fantastic vintage double flask travel set. It's not one you find every day with two glass flasks tucked inside the double lion rampant crested case.

Vintage Travel Flask Set Brown Leather Case

Love the screw tops that keep things watertight concealed by the shiny caps for a finishing touch. The caps are more than sparkle to the eye as they are meant for serving the spirit sips when travelling about.

Glass Flask Travel Set Audrey Would Vintage Home

The super sleek and stylish leather case is a thoughtfully constructed design. From its slim profile you might never guess that as well as the two glass flasks, a bottle opener, mixing spoon and 1-1/2 ounce jigger are also stored inside!

Travel Flask Set Barware Accessories Audrey Would Vintage

Each bar tool accessory is secured and snugged inside the travel case by elasticized straps to hold them in place. The flap of the case folds over and is snapped shut with a brass clasp underneath the embossed crest of the lion rampants' feet.

Double Lion Rampant Flask Travel Case Audrey Would Vintage Barware

This fabulous retro vintage piece has been sold, and with the sale came a special request to personalize the leather case with the new owner's initials. This was a first for Audrey Would! We are always happy to take an extra step to make your purchase complete, but we just haven't had this exact request.

I researched our city to see where the customizing work might be done, and ended up with just two options. Thankfully our customer was not in a rush for the order. This gave us sufficient time to make the arrangements and allowed for drop-off and pick-up time to be scheduled as well.

Heritage House Trophies & Awards completed the work. They walked me through the steps of what to expect right down to the colour contrast of the leather engraving to the case. Which, by the way, was described as dark chocolate on medium milk chocolate! Who can resist this?

Here is the original leather flask case before the initials were engraved:Brown Leather Travel Case Flask Set Audrey Would Vintage

I had a number of options for the font style and size, and was given some tips and pointers before making the choice.

TIP: When initialling a crested piece like this stay away from periods between the letters for a sleek, uncluttered look.

ADVICE: Stay away from script lettering altogether for initials. As each letter is a capital, the spacing might be uneven due to the script.

In this case, quite literally, with the crest being as detailed as it is, the simpler the font and presentation the better. In the end I chose the 'Copperplate' font, 3/8" tall in size. 

This is how the customized leather engraving of the initials came out:Leather Engraved Initials Travel Flask Case Audrey Would Vintage Barware

I had chosen a sans serif font very similar in style, but at the suggestion of the engraver, went with this serif font. He pointed out this font's serif style complimented the octagon frame of the crest. Once he said that I could see it and had to agree!

The turn-around time for this custom work was one week (not including shipping), and just so you know, the majority of the cost was in the set-up fee, not in the actual lettering. 

If you are looking to have a piece customized, at Audrey Would! we do our best to accommodate. We will research local businesses and if the work can be done locally, we will request a quote and timeline for your approval before proceeding. Generally, customized orders require 2-3 weeks lead time depending on the type of customizing to be done and where the order will be shipped to once ready.

At Audrey Would! we are happy to assist, and we are always ready to have the conversation! Contact Us for more details.

Audrey Would Vintage Home Barware

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