Vintage Danish Crystal Stemware for Elegant Party Perfection August 12 2016, 1 Comment

We have this lovely vintage Danish crystal stemware in our online boutique. Have you seen this pattern before?

Audrey Would Vintage Home Elegant Vintage Danish Stemware

It's quite stunning and unique. Very Mid-Century in style.

The crystal of these beautifully crafted glasses features a trumpet shaped bowl with an optic ribbed or faceted detail. There are 20 vertical panels per bowl each highlighting the repeating etched dot and double line pattern.

Audrey Would Vintage Crystal Stemware Ribbed Trumpet Bowl

This vintage collection is made up of five glass styles that take you from beginning to end of a special celebration.

Audrey Would Mid Century Danish Crystal Stemware

From L to R:

White Wine Glass, Red Wine Glass, Water Goblet, Champagne Glass, Liqueur Sipping Glass.

There are 10 glasses per style other than the liqueur glasses; the collection has 9 of them.

We love the short stem and wide base of each crystal glass. They are sturdy little pieces that stay upright in a crowd! These glasses are not as easily knocked over because of their lower profile. They are a fantastic option for garden parties and other events... perhaps the head table for a wedding?

Audrey Would Vintage Home Danish Crystal Water Goblet

When you see the stemware together, you can't help but notice how elegant each trumpet shaped glass is, and how pretty the grouping looks with the varying glass heights. 

Audrey Would Vintage Home Elegant Vintage Danish Stemware

The crystal is in mint condition right down to the last etched dot and double line! We have not been able to identify this pattern yet, but what we do know is the last owners purchased the set in 1988 from an antique store in Richmond, British Columbia. This was verified with the original receipt which stated the glasses were Danish, but unfortunately did not make note of the pattern name. Can you help us out with the provenance of this crystal stemware? We would be very happy to hear from you! Please Contact Us.

If you're looking for a beautiful vintage investment for your modern lifestyle, this Danish stemware is a fantastic opportunity! Purchase here.

Just imagine each piece in action... actually, we made that easy for you. Enjoy our short little video clip!

Audrey Would! Vintage Home

Photographs © Audrey Would! Vintage Home