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Ceramic Bowl Makeover for Industrial Decor

July 8, 2019

Update a thrifted ceramic bowl using flat black spray paint for an industrial touch to your decor. Any bowl with a textured profile or nicks and contours is a perfect candidate for this project!

When I was putting together my recent Thrift the Look: Industrial Cottage Chic blog post, I wasn’t sure exactly what pieces would end up on the raw wood exposed shelving in our outdoor living space.

Thrifted finds and vintage pieces create this industrial cottage chic look for a Thrift the Cottage Look challenge.

I knew I wanted to focus on bowls, kitchen items and black accents to replicate my inspiration photo as closely as possible.

Old Basket Weave Ceramic Bowl Rescued from the Thrift

In one of my thrifting rounds I saw this little ceramic bowl and instantly saw its potential. I really liked the simple cylinder shape, and the exaggerated basket weave pattern of the sides. But the 1970’s gold colour? Not so much!

Gold coloured ceramic bowl featuring a basket weave texture.

With the distinct profile of the basket weave, I was pretty sure I could spray paint this bowl in black and not lose the impact of the pattern. For the cost of $1.50 I was willing to take the chance!

Gold coloured ceramic bowl featuring a basket weave texture.

I was working on another DIY staining project at the same time, so I didn’t take a lot of photos of the spray painting steps. But honestly, I used Rust-Oleum’s Universal Paint & Primer in One. There wasn’t much to it!

Thrifted Ceramic Bowl Makeover with Spray Paint

A plastic garden pot turned upside-down was the perfect diameter to hold the bowl up off the ground and snuggly in place. After that it was just a matter of spraying the sides and bottom of the bowl until it was evenly covered.

You can give the surface a light sanding before painting, but in my experience, a piece like this doesn’t really need it. The Rust-Oleum paint bonds well and is durable for the long-haul.

Note: This is not a dishwasher safe makeover! Clean with a damp cloth only!

Give old ceramic bowl a modern look using Flat Black spray paint - Audrey Would Vintage Home

Black definitely gives this bowl a more industrial feel. I left the rim and inside white, but didn’t tape them off before spraying. I knew some of the black paint might dust over the white, but I was okay with that because I was really trying to keep this piece from feeling perfectly polished in its finish.

In the end I didn’t actually use this bowl in my ‘Thrift the Look’ reveal, but I have since incorporated it in with the other pieces on the open shelving. I like the look of the black and wanted to make sure this bowl was given a place to call home.

Ceramic Bowl Perfect for Potted Oregano

You can see how easily a thrifted find past its prime can be given another chance in the spotlight. All this little bowl needed was quick spray with flat black paint to be given an updated look. This quick makeover literally took about 10 minutes from start to finish, and that’s including set up and clean up!

I love the way the black makes this oregano plant pop!

How about you? Do you have any tired old bowls or vases kicking around? If you’re off to the thrifts do you look past what you see? So often just a quick little makeover is all it takes to breathe new life into forgotten relics lingering on the shelves!

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