Aseda Glasbruk Lantern Vase, Bo Borgstrom, Swedish Art Glass


With sleek, clean lines and a weighted base this blue Åseda glass vase by Bo Borgström has its original sticker in place. Lantern-style shape showcases the elegant curves of this blown glass piece, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship of Bo Borgström's work. This is a beautiful collectible Swedish art glass piece from the most popular era for collectible Scandinavian glasswork. *Read more on our blog*

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Era:  Mid Century Modern, 1950s
Colour:  Blue, Clear
Materials:  Hand Blown Glass
Country of Origin:  Sweden
Maker / Designer:   Åseda Glasbruk / Bo Borgström
Size:  6"H x 3"W (top), 2"W (base), 5"W (middle section)
Condition:  Excellent, original sticker in place but with some wear and loss showing

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