Vintage Snack Plates, 8 Coffee Mugs, Cera Stone Domino Pattern by Jonas Roberts


This Jonas Roberts Cera-Stone snack set comes ready to serve 8!

With typical Mid Century flair, this set features the 'Domino' pattern made up of triangles. White plates have a thumb-hold groove making them easy to hold. Matching caramel brown coffee mugs are sleek, simple in design, and sit perfectly in the cup holder on the plate. Perfect for deck parties, barbeques and lively social gatherings.

Switch it up tip: Fill mugs with soup and mingle on!

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Era:  Mid Century, 1960s 
Colour:  White, Caramel Brown 
Materials:  Porcelain 
Country of Origin:  USA
Maker / Designer:  Homer Laughlin
Pattern:  Triangle
Size:  Mug 2.75"W x 3"H, Plate 9"W x 9"W
​Condition:  2 mugs have tiny flea bite nicks in rim, one potentially a manufacturer's flaw (see last photo) otherwise in fabulous shape

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