Blown Glass Kluk Kluk Decanter Cork Metal Stopper Holmegaard


This beautiful Holmegaard decanter known as the Kluk Kluk was designed by Jacob E. Bang. Metal stopper has a ring top and cork base, one of the more uncommon stopper styles for a Kluk Kluk.

The decanter name means glug-glug, a fun reference to the glugging sound made as wine is being poured. Note the pinched bottle shape and separate glass channels? These are the reason for this sound, an intentional design that forces a slow pour!

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This decanter is in excellent condition with no signs of clouding to the glass. The cork has a small amount of wear (see photos), but stopper is overall intact.

Size: 7.75"H x 4.5"W (base), 2"W (top)

The Kluk Kluk is a noteworthy piece of Danish Modern design and a fantastic addition to a Mid-Century barware collection!


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