Set/5 Hollow Stem Champagne Coupes


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This set of 5 crystal champagne coupes features a wide saucer bowl tapering into a dramatic hollow stem. Each glass has been hand blown into the exquisite one-piece shape with the base fused separately into place. Have some fun watching the bubbles dance up and down the stem as each glass is tipped for a sip, or raised in a toast!

We also have a set of 3 hollow stem champagne coupes. They are slightly taller with a little narrower bowl and the hollow stem is more distinct. Mix and match these two sets for a collection of 8!

Era:  1950s
Colour:  Clear
Materials:  Hand Blown Crystal
Size:  5"H x 3.75"W / Stem 2.5"L
Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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