Smokey Black Whiskey Glasses by PEEDEE Mid Century Modern Barware


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Super sleek smokey black Mid Century whiskey glasses featuring a thick glass saucer base! Crafted by PeeDee (Pitman-Dreitzer & Co), body of each glass is cylinder shaped and flares at the base into a distinct solid glass disc. Thick glass base is darker in colour for an anchoring contrast.

These glasses are a work of art, each one beautifully styled with the look and feel of art glass. Because they are hand crafted, if you look closely you will notice slight variations in each one.

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Glasses are in 'like new' condition with no scratches, clouding or tiny fleabite chips in the glass. 

Size: 3-1/4"H x 2-3/4"W (Base of glass is 3"W)

If you love Italian art glass, you will love this set! Glasses are perfect for short pours and drinks on ice.


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