Vintage Czechoslovakian Crystal Champagne Coupes, 22k Gold Bands


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Sexy, curvaceous and hard to find! This set of 4 cocktail coupes is made of hand blown Czechoslovakian crystal with 22k gold bands wrapping the rim and base. Each coupe is exquisite with a slight contour in the bowl and an elegantly shaped stem. Bowl is slightly larger than most and ready for your classic cocktail of choice. Consider these glasses the perfect hour glass figure of 1940s stemware!

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Era:  1940s-1950s
Colour:  Clear, Gold
Materials:  Hand Blown Crystal, 22k Gold
Country of Origin:  Czechoslovakia
Size:  4.75"H x 4"W
Condition:  Overall very, very good - no chips, cracks or fleabites, and little to no wear to gold bands

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