About Audrey Would!

It's simple really... 

It started with a lifelong love of Mid Century classics, a small interior redesign business and a passion for DIY! This came together when I began writing a design and lifestyle blog that unintentionally became the groundwork for Audrey Would!

I was constantly working on projects, transforming old pieces to help give rooms a new life, and was always on the hunt for beat up vintage furniture with good bones. I researched the pieces that I found, then blogged what I learned and shared makeovers as they unfolded. Somewhere along the way things started to shift...

I fell in love with so many treasures beyond furniture with good bones, and our personal collection grew. With so much vintage goodness out there just tucked on dusty shelves, it was hard to resist and I couldn't curb the thrill of the hunt! This is when the idea of an online boutique began to gently tempt me.

It was after I shared a day in the life of my scavenging world with a few friends that everything changed! They learned about the stories behind my vintage finds, and we set out to a few of my favourite spots. We searched for once loved objects, and relics for my DIY mix. This outing turned into a weekly adventure as a trio, searching for lost treasures and forgotten goods... and before long these adventures gave my notions for an online shop the final nudge. They ultimately became the springboard for Audrey Would!

Audrey Would! Vintage Home is a blend of old Hollywood glam, sleek Mad Men style and Gatsby sparkle. Our focus is on Mid Century classics with a dash of Art Deco and Regency flair. We sell vintage barware and tabletop extras, wooden serving ware and elegant smalls for decor. You will find silver and crystal, art glass, china, Danish Modern, Glo-Hill and more! 

I have always believed it's the stories pieces hold that turn a house into a home, and that foundation feeds my vision for the vintage options you find at Audrey Would! I work hard to curate collections of unique, pristine pieces that have held up over time, and try to select pieces you can add to your own stories. A great day at Audrey Would! is when you love a piece enough to call it 'mine'!


We are always on the look out for Mid-Century barware, entertainment pieces and classic decor options. If you are moving on from vintage treasures like these we might be interested! Please contact us.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Zeller, owner of Audrey Would! vintage barware boutique