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Pinterest Project: Vintage Kerosene Lantern Vase

May 31, 2019

How many of your Pinterest PINS have you actually made? Isn’t it true, we PIN like crazy full of inspiration and good intentions, but in reality very few of these project dreams come true. It’s so easy to become a PIN hoarder, don’t you think?

Rusty Kerosene Lantern Vase

Well not anymore! When Tania over at Little Vintage Cottage threw out a mini challenge on her Facebook Page to actually make something we’ve pinned, I was all in. It’s so easy to get lost in our everyday, but you know, we’ve saved these ideas for a reason. So why not take a breath and make at least one PIN dream come true?

Vintage Kerosene Lantern Vase

When I came across this rusty lantern vase by Donna from Funky Junk Interiors a while ago, I kind of fell in love. And with just one click I had it pinned. See how easy that was?

Repurposed rusty vintage kerosene lantern into outdoor porch decor with cluster of dandelions.

I knew one day I would come across someone else’s castoff lantern, and that would be my day. But you know how it goes. The PIN gets saved, the thrifts get scoured…and then, pouf, life moves on. The idea gets stored away along with all the others that are waiting for their lucky day!

Thrifted Rusty Lantern

And then along came the lantern inspiration’s lucky day…I spied this little rusty lantern in one of my thrifting rounds. I felt it tugging at me, but it was really a novelty lantern with a battery operated candle. Hmmm…

I had my heart set on a vintage kerosene lantern, so I wasn’t 100% sure this one was quite right. I was caught up in one of those ‘ovethinking it’ moments and decided to pass on it in spite of the niggling tug.

After exercising buyer’s restraint a few more times (because it happened to still be on the shelf each time I stopped in), I finally decided to take the plunge. This cute little lantern deserved a new home, and I could totally see it ‘hanging out’ in our outdoor living space.

The only modification I knew I had to make was remove the faux candle from the lantern base and replace it with a glass jar for the flowers.

I spied the glass jar over on another shelf, so I had everything I needed for the quick switch.

A rusty lantern is repurposed into a flower vase.
A rusty novelty lantern is transformed into an outdoor decor vase.

I think I really lucked out with this jar. It was almost a perfect fit and has such great detail around the sides. It kind of reminds me of a lighthouse in a way.

Red mini carn flowers displayed in a glass jar vase.

Mini Carn Flowers in a DIY Lantern Vase

My little garden didn’t have any yellow flowers to pick from and believe it or not, there were no dandelions handy either. But, my garden did have these red mini carns so I went with them instead. I had to cut the stems down pretty short, but the scale of them turned out to be a great fit. And wow, do they ever smell amazing!

A rusty lantern holds a glass jar filled with red mini carn flowers for a showy display.
A rusty lantern is turned into a cut outdoor vase filled with red mini carn flowers.

This Pinterest inspired project took me about 10 minutes. Seriously. It took longer to cut the flowers and arrange them in the glass jar than it did to remove the faux candle and put the jar in its place.

A weathered and rusty lantern displays red mini carn flowers in a glass jar vase.

In the end taking the leap on the novelty lantern was definitely the right thing to do. The total cost was $6.00 for the lantern and jar combined, and the time involved for the makeover was next to none. This little lantern vase is such a cheerful addition to our outdoor living space, and now I can scratch this PINspiration off my list!

So how about you? Are you ready to take another look through your boards and see which PIN you can maybe tackle and do? You might also like the vintage barrel bucket flower pot I upcycled from another thrifted find.

Please let me know what project you’re going to do. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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