Cristal d'Arques 'Bretagne' Highball Glasses


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This set of 4 pristine crystal bar glasses by Cristal d'Arques, France are beautifully made in the rare 'Bretagne' pattern. Though just skimming a vintage classification, this pattern was only in circulation for a short period of time before it was discontinued. Made of 24% lead crystal they sparkle brightly as the intricate pattern catches the light. These glasses are very hard to find, and a must for your barware collection!

Era:  1990 - 1996
Colour:  Clear
Materials:  24% Lead Crystal
Country of Origin:  France
Maker / Designer:  Cristal d'Arques
Pattern:  Bretagne
Size:  5.5"H x 2.75"W
Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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