Aseda Glasbruk Crystal Coupes, Sweden


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This set of 2 hand blown crystal coupes was made by the Swedish art glass company, Aseda Glasbruk. They were designed by Bo Borgstrom in the 1960s, and in their delicate apricot hue, are a rare find. Each base is beautifully detailed with a paperweight foot of solid glass in a faux claw-like style that is typical of art glass form. With the size and shape of these coupes they double perfectly for dessert!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1960s 
Colour:  Apricot, Clear 
Materials:  Hand Blown Crystal 
Country of Origin:  Sweden
Maker / Designer:  Aseda Glasbruk / Bo Borgstrom
Size:  4"W x 3.25"H
​Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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