Georges Briard 22K Gold Plated Jigger & Ice Tong Set


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Well known for his ornate use of gold overlays on ice buckets and bar glasses, Georges Briard has once again raised the bar with this 22K gold plated bar tool set. The double headed jigger has a protective lining, and the ice tongs have a firm spring to their grasp. Beautifully designed and a perfect complement to other vintage Briard pieces in our collection!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1950s-60s 
Colour:  Gold 
Materials:  22K Gold Plated 
Country of Origin:  USA
Maker / Designer:  Georges Briard
Size:  Jigger - 1/2 oz & 1 oz measures, Ice Tongs - 7"L
​Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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