Glo-Hill Serving Utensil Set, Original Box


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This set of Glo-Hill serving utensils has sleek cognac coloured Bakelite handles and comes in its original box. The set itself is in pristine condition possibly never having been used. The box is intact with its lid, however the blue satin lining has seen better days. A beautiful vintage set for your tabletop collection!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1960s
Colour:  Marbled Cognac, Silver
Materials:  Stainless, Bakelite
Country of Origin:  Canada
Maker / Designer:  Glo-Hill
Size:  Serving Spoon & Fork Set 8.5"L, Olive Spoon 8"L
​Condition:  Utensils excellent; satin lining of box is quite stained
Care:  Hand wash and dry, do not put in dishwasher

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