Libbey Gold Rimmed Sherry Glasses, Pheasant Overlay


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This set of 4 ultra Mid-Century sherry glasses are the perfect option for an after dinner sip. The pheasant overlay is in mint condition, and the gold rims standing up to the test of time. Why pheasants? Well, we like to think a nightcap in a classic vintage glass is the perfect way to end the day!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1960s
Colour: Clear, Rusty Orange  
Materials:  Glass, 24K Gold Rim
Country of Origin:  USA
Maker / Designer: Libbey
Pattern: Pheasant
Size:  4.75"H x 2"2
​Condition:  Glass - excellent; Gold Rims - vintage wear showing on 2 of the 4 glasses
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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