Hornsea 'Heirloom' Teapot


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This stunning cobalt blue Hornsea teapot is featured in the classic 'Heirloom' pattern by John Clappison. Clappison designed 'Heirloom' in 1967 for the Hornsea studio line out of England, and today Hornsea pieces are difficult to find in cobalt blue, and especially in North America

Era:  Mid-Century Modern, 1970s
Colour:  Cobalt Blue
Materials:  Ceramic
Country of Origin:  England
Maker / Designer:  Hornsea / John Clappison
Pattern:  Heirloom
Size:  Teapot - 5.5"H x 5"W
Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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