Vintage Pilsner Beer Glasses 'Sportsman' Game Birds by Libbey


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These 12 Pilsner beer glasses were made by Libbey in their popular 'Sportsman' game bird pattern. Each glass has a black overlay of either a Canada Goose, Grouse, Ring Necked Pheasant or Canvasback, and all are topped with platinum rims. These glasses are very Mid Century and make a perfect bar-warming gift!

Note: 3 glasses feature a slightly different stem from the others (1st photo), and an uneven number of game bird motifs make up this set (last photo).

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Era:  Mid Century, 1960s
Colour:  Clear, Black 
Materials:  Glass, Platinum 
Country of Origin:  USA
Maker / Designer:  Libbey
Pattern:  'Sportsman' Game Bird
Size:  8.25"H x 2.75"W
Condition:  Varying degrees of wear to some rims, one faded grouse overlay (see photos)

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