Eva Zeisel 'Prestige' Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses, Amber Spiral Optic


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This set of 'Prestige' whiskey glasses was made by Federal Glass based on the original Eva Zeisel design. Stunning in fiery amber with the added spiral optic swirl feature and bulbous paperweight base in the 'doorknob' style. A perfect Mid Century barware addition for every cocktail station!

Era:  Mid Century, early 1950s-60s
Colour:  Amber Yellow 
Materials:  Blown Glass 
Country of Origin:  USA
Maker / Designer:  Federal Glass / Eva Zeisel
Pattern:  'Prestige' Swirl 
Size:  3"H x 3.25"W
​Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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