Schott & Gen Mainz Jenaer Glas Cappuccino Cups


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Made in Germany, this stylish set of 5 'Schott & Gen Mainz Jenaer Glas' cappuccino cups is a two-part design. The glass insert sits into a teak cup holder, highly collectible and hard to find. We are also including a complimentary taller 6th cup. See details for condition - we suggest this one would make a great sugar bowl, or be perfect to hold your coffee spoons!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1960s
Colour:  Clear, Red-Brown
Materials:  Glass, Teak
Country of Origin:  Germany
Maker:  Scott & Gen Mainz Jenaer Glas
Size:  1.5"H x 2"W, 2.5"H w/ glass insert; flared glass top - 3.25"W
Condition:  5 in excellent condition, 6th teak holder cracked by handle and glass insert is .75" taller (see last  photo)
Care:  Hand wash and dry; periodically condition teak cup holders

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