Vintage Silver Champagne Coupes, Spain, Set of 2


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Made in Spain, these vintage champagne coupes are silver plate and beautifully designed with soft curved detailing to each stem. This is an elegant set and perfect for toasting many special occasions! *Note, We have 4 coupes available, but due to surface wear in 2 coupe bowls we are only selling one pair. Please advise if you would like the extra 2 coupes as we are happy to include them for FREE!

Era:  Mid Century, 1960s 
Colour:  Silver 
Materials:  Silver Plate - EPNS Brass W26 
Country of Origin:  Spain
Maker / Designer:  Valero
Size:  4.25"H x 4.25"W
​Condition:  Excellent with light spots of wear on inside of two coupe bowls 
Care:  Hand wash and dry, polish if desired

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