Vintage Shot Glasses, Fox Hunting Scenes


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This set of 4 shot glasses features the activity of fox hunting, each with a different scene. The glasses and scenes are in excellent condition, though the 22K gold rims are showing varying degrees of wear. Name of scenes still visible on shot glasses one and three (see in details below). A perfect addition to a tavern-style bar theme, and a great set for a mini vignette (as in photo 2)!

Era:  Mid-Century, 1960s
Colour:  Clear, Red, Black
Materials:  Glass
Country of Origin:  England
Pattern:  Fox Hunting -  (1) The Draw (2) The Meet (3) Gone Away (4) The Kill
Size:  2.25"H x 1.75"W
​Condition:  Excellent with varying degrees of wear to 22K gold rims
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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