Wine Glasses, Smokey 12-Panel Optic Bowl, Hand-Blown


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This set of 8 smokey optic bowl wine glasses are hand-blown into a 12-panel optic mold creating the faceted detail. The clear stems are created and fused separately, and if you look closely you can see tiny air bubbles trapped inside both the bowls and stems. In excellent condition, these balloon style glasses are sure to make a dramatic statement whether in use or on display!

Era:  Unknown - wine glasses with optic bowls date back to the turn of the century, but with much smaller bowls
Colour:  Smokey Black, Clear 
Materials:  Hand Blown Glass  
Pattern:  Balloon Style 12-Panel Optic Bowl
Size:  8.25"H x 3.5"W
​Condition:  Excellent
Care:  Hand wash and dry

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