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Thrift the Look: Industrial Cottage Chic

June 27, 2019

Industrial cottage chic in our outdoor living space! Find out how I re-created my inspiration photo with a curated mix of thrifted vintage kitchen items displayed on open shelving. Pick up a few tips and tricks to thrift your way to your own industrial cottage vibe!

Thrifted finds and vintage pieces create this industrial cottage chic look for a Thrift the Cottage Look challenge.

Thrift the Look Blog Hop

I’m back again with our thrifty, vintage loving bloggers for our third “Thrift the Look” blog hop. This talented group of ladies also works hard behind the scenes for the admin team of our Creative Vintage Darlings FB group. If you love vintage like we do, enjoy thrifting and DIY decorating, Creative Vintage Darlings might just be the group for you. We would love for you to join us. Pop over to Instagram #CreativeVintageDarlings to get a feel for the kind vintage we like and the thrifting we do!

Cottage Decor Reveal Day

Sarah of Sadie Seasongoods is the mastermind behind this ‘Thrift the Look’ blog hop series. Before we get going, here’s a big shout out to Sarah for bringing this fun challenge together for the rest of us! Thank you Sarah!!

A thrifting challenge to create the same cottage look as an inspiration photo.

We have each thrifted our cottage decor pieces based on our own inspiration photos. As a group we decided to work with different inspiration photos rather than using the same one. Cottage style can mean many things, so we thought it would be fun for you to see a slew of different ideas, and today is reveal day! You will find links to each blogger’s project at the end of this post.

My Cottage Decor Inspiration

I was torn between a few inspiration photos, all from Huizedop, an interior & lifestyle blog from the Netherlands. I love this woman’s chic industrial style and the way she works with black. In the end I decided on the photo below, which I found on Huizedop’s Pinterest board, “Our Home – huizedop“.

Thrift an industrial cottage chic look by following the steps outlined in this blog post.

Source: Our Home – huizedop Pinterest Board

I was drawn in by the pops of black against the gray plaster wall and the contrast of these pieces mixed in with the white. I am a fan of open shelving, even better if it’s live edge, and I’m definitely on ‘board’ for layering and displaying worn cutting boards to complete the look.

Prepping My Cottage Decor Space

Right from the start I knew I would borrow a section of our outdoor shelving for this cottage decor challenge. We have a small freezer and 2 bar fridges sharing the covered deck space, so my dad installed adjustable shelving around these visually bossy appliances. The shelving makes it easier for decorating, and also helps blend these big pieces in a bit more.

A set of adjustable shelving provides decorating options around a freezer and bar fridges.

DIY Butcher Block Top

I decided to DIY a butcher block top to fit over the bar fridges, so this is where I got started. I planned to add everything else on the shelving directly above the fridges and rearrange the shelves as needed.

Step 1 – Cutting Wood to Size:

The butcher block top was made from pieces of pine board I had in my leftover wood stash. The boards were the perfect length so just the width needed to be fit. My Mr. cut one board down the middle and that was it! I wedged the boards snuggly into place between the shelf bracing that surrounded each fridge. In a rental home it’s great when no nails are needed!

DIY Butcher Block Top that fits over two bar fridges side by side.

I chose the sides with the most variations in the wood to sit face up. For this industrial cottage feel I wanted to see the knots, the coarse grain, and as much of the colour streaking in the wood as possible.

A DIY butcher block top is designed to accent a set of adjustable shelves on the wall above.

Step 2 – Staining:

The plan was to apply a darker stain to the butcher block pieces because in the inspiration pic the countertop is black. I waffled on the black and in the end decided to match the darker colour to the built-in deck bar we added a few years ago. The colour is a dark, warm brown from a blend of two wood stains: Minwax ‘Gunstock’ (a reddish teak colour) and Rust-Oleum’s Varathane ‘Black Cherry’ (a dark, dark purplish brown).

Note: this stain is NOT food safe! I used it because we won’t be cutting or placing food directly on the butcher block.

Pine boards stained by Audrey Would for a DIY project in a blend of stains to create a dark redish brown.

Step 3 – The Finishing Touch:

The middle image shows the stain after it was applied, and then the lighter colour left behind after wiping the stain off. I actually really like the darker colour, but to protect the surface of the wood I also applied both a clear and a dark wax. The dark wax really deepens the colour of the wood depending on how much gets worked in vs. wiped off. I used both waxes on my barrel bucket makeover and loved the results!

The finishing touch was adding a vintage yard stick I thrifted quite awhile ago to the top edge. I used what was left in the rag and gave it a quick rub to leave a touch of the stain colour on all sides.

DIY Butcher Block Top stained in a warm dark brown fits over two bar fridges sitting side by side.

I’m debating on attaching the yard stick to the butt ends of the butcher block boards to give it a finished look. For now I’m leaving it on top as a fun reminder of this challenge every time we go into the fridge! Your thoughts?

Creating My Industrial Cottage Look

I took inventory of the things I would need for my industrial cottage look and made a list. I broke my list into three sections:

  1. Items to thrift
  2. DIYs
  3. Things I already have
Thrift the Look Photo and Thrifting List

Shop Your Home

Before I got going to the thrifts I shopped my home. The fun for me of course is in the thrifting, but it’s also helpful to see what I already own. Besides, there’s a good chance anything I have on hand was scored at a thrift!

This vintage kitchen scale was part of the ‘already owned’ mix, and even though it’s not black like the one in my inspiration pic I decided to use it anyway. This scale was purchased second-hand years ago and has become a kitchen staple. I added the antique toast rack for height and to balance out the vignette.

Vintage kitchen scale with chrome tray and antique toast rack make a simple vignette.

Most of these cutting boards were already in our collection, and only a few came from thrifts including the Baribo-Maid board. It’s the one sitting under the balsamic vinegar with the cast iron salt & pepper set. The large gorgeous grained board with the leather hanger was made by my brother and gifted to us just this past Christmas.

Cottage decor made up of vintage cutting boards leaning against a plaster backsplash.

When I saw the vintage cast iron salt & pepper set, they were an instant yes even though they weren’t on my thrifting list! For industrial style though, cast iron is never a miss!

I actually thrifted a little wooden crate to put the balsamic vinegar and S&P set in similar to the inspiration pic, but I made a DIY mistake. I decided to stain it the same as the butcher block only to realize I should have left it alone. The lighter wood was definitely a better fit, so to get the feeling of the inspiration look I swapped the lighter Baribo board in the crate’s place.

If you’re looking for tips on woodenware care, I share mine here!

Pieces to Thrift

For this challenge I needed to thrift a black kettle, some bowls, and something pewter or galvanized to hold a few of our wooden utensils.

This enamel on steel Copco kettle came along first and I fell in love with its atomic style and shape. Even with a dent on the other side, I knew this was a great pick. The curvy little pewter mug next to it was another great find and a perfect fit.

a black Copco kettle and pewter mug with wooden utensils add to industrial chic cottage decor.

The bowls turned out to be the hardest to thrift. I searched and searched to find something similar to my inspo pic, but with absolutely no luck. Who knew? To achieve the look I mixed in black plates with different size bowls, some in just plain white and others with black on white/white on black patterns. None of the patterns are look-a-likes to the inspiration pic, so I tried to create the feeling of the look instead.

Black and white stacked bowls and ramekin style bowls with cocktail penguins add to cozy cottage decor.

All of these bowls including the plates are from thrifts, but I had most of them already. Aren’t the penguins great? The only bowls thrifted for this challenge are the first three sitting on the black plates.

Thrift the Look: Industrial Cottage Chic Reveal

Before and After photos for a Thrift the Look Cottage Decor Challenge.

This is how it all came together.

My very first find was the black kettle for $6. Even with a different shape, I think this find was a great fit. In place of the white bag duo with clothespins, I decided to use our vintage straw dispenser filled with black and white straws instead. I did this for visual balance next to the white kitchen scale and silver plate toast rack. In the bottom right-hand corner I added my vintage pickling crock to lighten up that corner. It helps to off-set the darker cutting boards and introduces a similar vibe to the space that the white bottle in the inspiration pic does. I did actually paint an ‘S’ hook black, but it just felt like too much. Sometimes you have to decide when enough is enough.

Thrifted finds and vintage pieces create this industrial cottage chic look for a Thrift the Cottage Look challenge.

The main greens were sourced from Habitat for Humanity for $1, and I added a trailing vine from the Dollar Store. The plant pot is actually a Mid-Century modern bean crock I thrifted a few years ago. I turned the pattern to the back, but you can see it if you pop over to Instagram. My fun little touch to complete the look is the stainless kitchen timer I thrifted at the last minute (haha). It doesn’t work but it does work to balance the shelf!

What’s Thrifted & What’s Not

Industrial cottage decor made up with thrifted items.

When I took stock of all the pieces used for my challenge even I was surprised at how many were thrift store finds! Normally I would identify what came from the thrift, but this time it’s easier to show you what didn’t.

  1. Trailing Vine – The Dollar Store
  2. Wooden Kitchen Utensils – part of our kitchen ‘stuff’
  3. Tall Cheese Board – Handcrafted by my Mr.
  4. Bread & Cheese Board – A gift made by my brother
  5. Oval Cutting Board – Part of my Mr.’s kitchen things from before my time
  6. Balsamic Vinegar – Part of a gift basket
Thrifted finds and vintage pieces create this industrial cottage chic look for a Thrift the Cottage Look challenge.

And that’s a wrap! I know this was a super long post. Thank you for making it to the end. 🙂 I’m just one of five bloggers hopping today. Below are the links to the rest of the cottage decor reveals.

I hope you will check them out!

Beach Cottage Decor by Sadie Seasongoods and Boho Cottage Decor by Little Vintage Cottage

Sadie Seasongoods | Little Vintage Cottage

Cottage Decor by Home to Heather, Rustic Cottage Decor by Itsy Bits and Pieces, and Industrial Cottage Decor by Audrey Would Vintage Home

Home to Heather | Itsy Bits and Pieces | Audrey Would Vintage Home

Pinned & Shared at Audrey Would
Industrial cottage decor put together by Audrey Would for a thrift the look challenge.

Thanks for stopping by!

Audrey Would Vintage Home blog

Photographs © Audrey Would! Vintage Home unless otherwise indicated.

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  • Reply Lora Bloomquist July 2, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    Sheila, You totally rocked this, girl! Love your inspiration photo and love your version! The rustic gray background is perfect for the organic and stainless accessories. What a fun new space to enjoy!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller July 3, 2019 at 8:56 am

      Thank you Lora! We are really enjoying having this little corner of our outdoor space feeling a bit more loved, and it was so much fun to put together. I’m looking forward to having you back in action for the next challenge! 🙂

  • Reply Laurie @ Vinyet Etc July 2, 2019 at 8:19 am

    This is phenomenal my friend, I love every single detail! I love the yard stick and either way, on top or on the butt ends looks so cool!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller July 3, 2019 at 8:53 am

      Thank you Laurie! I am so happy you weighed in on the yard stick for me 🙂 I can’t wait for the next challenge and I’m glad you’ll be back in action for that one. You were missed!!

  • Reply Sadie Seasongoods June 28, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    Holy moly, you knocked his OUT OF THE PARK! What an amazing job you did recreating the original – and I’m REALLY digging that wood stain, too. Well done!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller July 3, 2019 at 8:50 am

      Thank you Sarah! This challenge was SO MUCH FUN! I enjoyed every single second of it and love having that part of our outdoor space feeling a little more put together!

  • Reply paulasweetpea June 28, 2019 at 4:12 am

    I love every single thing you did for this challenge!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller July 3, 2019 at 8:47 am

      Thank you Paula! I just loved putting this one together and we’re really enjoying having it in our outdoor space.

  • Reply Tania June 27, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Wow, this is so beautiful! You
    did a great job!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller July 3, 2019 at 8:44 am

      Thank you Tania! I loved this challenge – it was so much fun to thrift for!

  • Reply Heather Eigler June 27, 2019 at 8:41 am

    WOW! I can’t get over how close it is to the inspo image!!! It’s hard to even tell which is which!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller June 27, 2019 at 6:22 pm

      Awwww, thank you Heather! I loved this hop and was dying to tackle that space. I’ve wanted to do the butcher block top for so long and just never took the time. That’s what’s so great about these TTL’s – we tackle things!

  • Reply Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces June 27, 2019 at 6:57 am

    Oh this is so pretty, Sheila! I love your shelves and butcher block top…and you styled them perfectly! It was a fun hop!

    • Reply Sheila Zeller June 27, 2019 at 6:26 pm

      I so appreciate your comment Linda. Thank you! I really loved this hop and a lot of fun putting the look together. These challenges are awesome because they give me a little extra creative nudge, and I love seeing what everyone else does! It’s a fun group to be a part of 🙂

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